Mechanical Division add Pumps Subs

Valves & Actuators:

Ball Valves Choke Valves Butterfly Valves Gate Valves Globe Valves Double Block & Bleed Valves Needle Valves

Solenoid Valves PSV/PRV Valves Control Valves Emergency Shutdown Valves Valve Test Benches

Pipe Fittings & Flanges:

Equal & Unequal Tees Equal & Unequal Elbows Nipple Hex / Barrel Reducing Bush Cross, Socket & Unions Plugs & Caps

Clamps & Brackets Tubes & Hoses Brass Fittings Hose Fittings SS Nuts & Bolts Hoses / Lay Flat Hoses

Heavy Equipment / Process System Supplies:

Industrial Generators (Diesel, Steam & Natural Gas) Heat Exchangers Industrial Diesel Engines Separators and Filters Electro-Chlorination System Gas Chlorination System Demister Pads Blast Cleaning Equipment Weigh Feeder, Scales, Conveyor System On-line Power Transformer Dry-out System Sea-Water Auto Back Wash Filter Pressure Vessel, Pipe line components, Fabricated Parts Air Filter Air / Gas Compressor and Vacuum Systems Biological Sewage Treatment Plant Glass Wool Flexible Ducting

Cuno Filters Nano Filters Sawing & Drilling Machines Vibrating Equipment Vertical Lathe Machines Special Flanges and Sub-Sea Products Rubber Conveyor Belts Tube Cleaning System, Extractor, Etc. Cryogenic Tank, Waste Heat Boilers, Condensers, Feed Water Heaters Material Handling Systems (Overhead Cranes, Off-shore Cranes) Ventilation and Air Blower Debris Filters / Tube Cleaning System, Intake Solutions Shell Liners, Grinding Media Supply and Maintenance of Kiln

Pumps, Motors and Accessories (Explosion Proof):

Rotary Positive Displacement Gear Pumps Three Spindle Screw Pumps Self-Priming Pumps Centrifugal Pumps Acid Pumps Chemical Pumps Hydraulic Pumps Magnetic Drive Pumps Diaphragm Pumps Drum & Barrel Pumps Flexible Vane Pumps Vacuum Pumps & Blowers

Submersible Pumps Packaged Pumps Sets Pump-Motor Assembly Servo Motors Stepper Motors Linear Motors Synchronous Valve Motors External Rotor Motors Multi lift & Square Fan Motors Chopper Pumps Drive Drum, Pulleys, Rollers Hydraulic Power Pack for Submersible Pumps