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Anaerobic Chambers & Accessories Autoclaves & Accessories Sensors (Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone Sensors) Balances (Analytical, Moisture, Top Pan) Burners & Accessories Laboratory Centrifuges & Accessories Chloride Meter & Accessories Colorimeters & Accessories Cryogenic Equipment Dissolved Oxygen Meters Baths & Furnaces Hot plates, Incubators, Magnifiers Microscopes, Magnifiers, Osmometers Chambers, Sterilizers & Thermometers Ultrasonic & Water Baths

Polari meters & Refract meters PH & Conductivity Meters Moisture Analyzer Gas Leak Detection System PLC System Density Meter Chlorine Analyzers Water In-Oil Analyzers Oil – In Water Analyzers Emission Gas Analyzers Environmental Analyzers Testing Apparatus & Laboratory Glassware IR Spectrometer Lab Meters and Probes

Laboratory Items

  • Lab Instruments


  • Lab Meters And Probes


  • Online Analyzers, Sensors And Controls


  • Flow Meters


  • Microbiology Accessories


  • Graphite Conductivity Cell


  • Ro Systems & Ro Membranes, Uf Systems, Filter Housings, Filter Cartridges & Filter Bags, High Flow Filter Systems & Catridges, Coalesscer Filters And Related Accessories

    3m / Dow Filmtec, Koch Membrane Systems, Porvair, Eaton & Shelco

  • Ellipsometer, Atomic Force Microscope, Scanning Probe Microscope Scanning Electron Microscope, Lab & Industrial Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Air Gas Generators. X-ray Diffractometer, Mass Spectrometer, Gas Chromatograph

    Angstrom Advanced Inc.

  • Ir Spectrometer

    Bruker Optik Gmbh

  • Testing Apparatus And Laboratory Glassware

    Normalab - France

  • Polarimeter, Colorimeter, Density Meter, Auto Seperator, Filtration, Analyzer

    Schmidt+haensch Gmbh & Co.


Activated Carbon Ammonia Liq. 25% Acetic Acid Barite Bentonite Calcium Carbonate Calcium Chloride 93-100% Calcium Chloride Powder 94-96% Calcium Chloride Prill Calcium Hypochlorite Calcium Hypochlorite 65% Min Granular Calcium Nitrate Calcium Nitrate (Anhydrous) Calcium Nitrate Crystal (Tetrahydrate) Calcium Nitrate Granular Caustic Soda Petals Caustic Soda 50% Solution Chlorine Tablets Citric Acid Anhydrous Di-iso Propanolmine (Dipa) Ethyl Benzene Ethyl Hexanol Hydrochloric Acid (33%)

Hydrated Lime Ferric Chloride 40% Media Sand Methanol 99% Micaceous Iron Oxide Mio Mono-ethanol-amine (Mea) Mono-ethalyne-glycol (Meg) N Butanol Nitric Acid 60% Oxalic Acid Phosphoric Acid 85% Potasium Chloride Solid Potassium Hydroxide 50% Liquid Potassium Hydroxide Flakes 90% Piperazine Solution 68% Silica Gel Soda Ash Dense Soda Ash Light Sodium Bi Carbonate Sodium Sulphate Sodium Bi Sulphate Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate Sodium Silicate

Hospital Equipment & spares

Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Certified Pre-Owned Instruments Spectroscopy Capillary Electrophoresis Chromatography & Spectroscopy Lab Supplies Instrument Repair Ganshorn - Tremoflo device Automated Electrophoresis Microscopes & Microplate Instrumentation Clinical Microplate Instrumentation Chromatography & Spectroscopy Lab Supplies

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