Electrical Equipment & Spares

Lighting & Fittings (Hazardous & Non-Hazardous)

Distribution board & Panels Junction & Terminal Boxes Sensors Enclosures, Fixtures and Luminaries LED Lights Plugs and Sockets Push Buttons Circuit Breakers Sirens, Horns, and other Warning devices Limit and Safety Switches Galvanized / Steel Lighting Poles Emergency and Escape Sign Luminaries

Cable & Accessories

Single Core & Multi Core Power Cable (HV, MV & LV) Cable Termination Kits Steel wire armored (SWA) – XLPE Power Cables Instrumentation Cables Special Cables Low smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) Steel Wire Armored Bare Copper Single Core Cable NYY Power Cable & NYCY Energy Cable Fire Resistant /Retardant & High Temperature Cables

Fiber-Optic, Data and Telecommunications Aluminum Conductors Robotics, Mining and Crane Cables Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Power Supply Cables Cable Connectors, Plugs and Sockets Cable Glands (CW, BW & CXT Brass) and Cleats Sub Marine Cables & Flexible Control Cables Cable Trays, Ladders and Conduits Cable and Wire Termination Accessories Cable Joints, Splices and Cable Ties

Electrical Supplies

Electric Motors (AC & DC) and Variable Drives (MV & LV) Generators & Traction Motors Control Panels and Junction Boxes Alternators and Transformers Electrical Switch & Distribution boards Switch Gears & Control Gears

HV, MV & LV Electrical Connectors Uninterruptible Power Supplies & Batteries Transmission and Distribution Components Industrial Fans & Heaters Relays & Overhead Transmission Line Accessories Power Capacitors and Frequency Convertors

Heavy Electrical Equipment Supplies

Heavy duty AC Induction Machines Industrial Control & Ignition Transformers Buck, Boost & K-Factor Transformers Large Power Transformers & Auto Transformers

Distribution & Step-down Transformers Isolation & Potential Transformers Submersible Generators & Turbo Alternators Permanent Magnet Generators (Exciters)

Electricals Items

  • Cable Termination / Joint For Hv / Lv

    Raychem Germany/uk

  • Aluminum Conductor

    Coreal - Turkey

  • Cables

    Flei -italy, Ramcro Spa, 2m Kablo

  • Special Transformers

    Specialtransfo Spa

  • Fan

    Baffalo Forge - Usa, Tlt Turbo Gmbh

  • Distribution Board

    Baliga - India

  • Junction Box

    Weidmuller, Cooper

  • Extension Cables

    Dekoron, Camuna Cavi, Leoni Kerpen

  • Signal Cables

    Dekoron, Camuna Cavi, Leoni Kerpen

  • Power Distribution Board

    Ceag, Sithal,

  • Cable Glands

    Hawke, Weidmuller

  • Cable Transit System

    Hawke, Roxtec

  • Mcc Panels

    Fuji Electricals, Abb, Schneider, Etc.

Process System / Equipment

  • Electro Chlorination System / Chlorination System

    Pepcon - Usa, Severn Trent De Nora, Omnipure, Daiki, Cumberland

  • Seperator

    Costacurta, Cds Engineering Bv

  • Air Filter

    Cuno, 3m, Pall Corporation

  • Air Cooler

    Spig Italy, Delbag - Germany, Pall Corporation

  • Line Pipes

    Eew Malaysia / Germany, Welspun India

  • Presser Vessel

    Dillinger, Dongkuk - Korea

  • Golliath / Gantry / Jib Cranes/

    J.barnsley Cranes- Uk

  • Mass Flow Meter

    Rheonik - Germany,

  • Turbine Flow Meter

    Nuflo Measurement System, Bopp & Reuther Gmbh

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Fluenta - Norway, Elster

  • Roto Meter

    Brooks Instrument

  • Flow Switch

    Barksdale Control, Magnetrol

  • Temperature Gauge

    Wika, Budenberg, Rototherm

  • Level Switch / Gauge

    Vega, Wika, Ronan Engineering, Krohne Germany

  • Transmitters

    Krohne, Vega

  • Control Systems

    Yokogawa, Delta Coporation - Usa

  • On-line Molecular Sieve Dry-out System With Condition Based Monitoring For Power Transformers. On-line Power Transformer Dry-out System That Provides Continuous Maintenance Prior To Equipment Failure - It's Proactive, Cost Efficient And Powerful

    Drykeep - Usa

  • Sea Water Auto Back Wash Filter


Electricals & instrumentation

  • Thermo Couples

    Wika / Skf

  • Transmitter

    Abb / Fm Electronics / Telemachanique, Siemens, Pepperl +fuchs, Leuzel Eletronic, Heidenhein, Honeywell, Schneider, Herz, Leine & Linde, Legrand, Sf, Ixys, Jung, Byk Additive & Instrument

  • Limit Switches
  • Terminal Boxes

    Tempa Pano - Turkey

  • Mcc Panels

    Fuji Electricals

  • Automotive Batteries

    Amron / Ac Delco / Hoppek /

  • Environmental Sensors

    Hach, Rosmount, Emerson

  • Gas Analysors

    Rose Mount / Emerson / Hach / Ametek

  • Noise Monitors

    Rose Mount / Emerson / Hach

  • Oil Content Analysers

    Rose Mount / Emerson / Hach

  • Analysers (Chromatograph, Ph, Moisture, Density, Chorine, Conductivity, Water In Oil, Oil In Water, Turbidity, Emission Gas, Air Quality, Hydrogen, Radiation,

    Troxler, Rosemount, Environment S.a., Rockwell Automation, Advanced Sensors, , Fisher

  • Tubing Fittings


  • Pressure Transmitter

    Rosemount / Honeywell / Yokogawa

  • Differential Pressure Transmitter

    Rosemount / Honeywell / Yokogawa

  • Flow Meter

    Rosemount / Ashcon / Fluide Techniques

  • Magnetic Flow Meter

    Rosemount / Yokogawa

  • Flow Switch


  • Flexible Duct

    Ode Turkey

  • Glass Wool

    Ode Turkey

  • Oil And Dry Transformers

    Voltamp, Emg - Italy

  • Micro Switch


  • Proximity Switch

    P & F

  • Relays

    Weidmuller, Cooper

  • Manifolds For Transmitters


  • Gas Leak Detection System

    Msa / Drager

  • Plc System

    Allen Bradley / Triconex

  • Temperature And Pressure Gauge

    Budenberg / Wika / Ashcroft

  • Gas Chromatographs

    Emerson / Yokogawa

  • Gas Analyser

    Servomex / Sick-maihak

  • Moisture Analyser


  • Density Meter

    Emerson / Yokogawa

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